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When is spending ok?

February 11th, 2007 at 06:50 pm

Yesterday was spent with my DD at the local mall. Yes, I did spend money and yes I did manage not to feel quilty about it. I bought several new work outfits for my job. I had been wearing clothes that no longer fit me well and it was really making me feel not to good about myself. I did research on the internet about building a wardrobe the smart way so when I shopped I looked for quality items but did not pay hugh prices. I now have what I need for a more professional image. I now have a hugh box of items from my closet purge and while I have made some money on E-bay I am thinking more about hosting a clothing swap at my home some others in my circle of friends and family may benefit. I am using some of the funds from work OT and a yearly work bonus.

2 Responses to “When is spending ok?”

  1. Amber Says:

    I have never been to a 'clothing swap" per se but I have definately heard great things about them . Good luck and let us know how every thing goes

  2. KEALINA Says:

    i think a clothing swap is a good idea to try... maybe someday i'll get one of those together... for now only my SIL is about my size so whatever i don't want i'll just drop off and ask her to look thru it and she'll do the same for me...

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