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Graduation invitations rant

May 26th, 2009 at 06:43 pm

Ok, I know every year family members and friends who have children that are going to be graduating and I plan for that. What had gotten me this year is neighbors who we have a ok relationship with but not the kind I would expect it to be to get a graduation announcement. But now that we did get one, it's another $30.00 and a card. I'm happy for their child but really! What would you do?

I'm so happy

May 6th, 2009 at 07:45 pm

I got a part-time job and someone to watch my elderly mom while I work. I am paying a relative $100 a week to watch my mom for approx 24-28 hours each week. Mom doesn't need much help so it's a pretty easy gig. I love the job. It's for a non profit and the staff there is great. I will most likely only bring home about $500 a month after paying for mom's care but that $500 we did not have. I have been so positive lately I think I have attracted good things all around me. I think I'll keep it up.

Part-time job - what about mom

April 28th, 2009 at 01:25 pm

I have been taking care of my mom since her stroke one year ago. I have to take a break from this so I started looking for a part-time job. I have interviewed for one that I would love to have. I should know in the next couple of days if I am going to get it. Now what to do with mom. I don't want to pay so much for a caregiver that it will cost me to work. I usually just turn it over to a higher power and see what happens.

Keeping my fingers crossed - or shoud I

April 17th, 2009 at 08:13 am

I have had my mom's home listed for sale by owner for about three months. Currently, my BIL is living there and paying rent. He really wants to purchase the home along with his girlfiend but there credit is not that good. He has asked my MIL to go to the bank to cosign with him. I'm not so sure that is a great idea. MIL is 84 years old owns her homes gets a pretty good pension and has money in the bank. The house and the lot are only 60K and I guess if he gets mortgage insurance it will be ok. I just hate to see her cosign with anyone for anything but again, I would love to see my BIL get the house.


March 18th, 2009 at 01:25 pm

If you did not graduate high school did you get your GED (general education diploma). I am coming out - I am 54 years old and did not complete my senior year, did not get my diploma and did not get my GED. Why am I telling everyone this? I have finally withe the support of my family started my testing to obtain my GED. I have been a office professional in the work force for over 30 years and made over $40k without it. Why now? It is somehthing I am going to do for me. My plans right now also including starting college after I obtain my GED. Wish me luck.

Sell house, sell

March 17th, 2009 at 11:40 am

My 80 year mom has been living with DH and I for close to a year now. She is not ever going to be able to go back to her home. I have talked it over with her and we are now in the process of trying to sell her house. It is 54 years old and is in need of some cosmetic work on the inside. Only asking $61,900 for a three bedroom house and adjoining lot. Have posted on Craigs list and also put a sign out front and let the Mayor of the city where she lives know that it is for sale. Today got second e-mail from a interested party and also a call from a City Council Member. Hopefully it will sell. With the money I would pay off a home equity loan of $48,000 and take my children and grandchildren to Disney World on a family vacation. I know the Disney trip is not the best thing to do in these financial times but somethings have more value than just the money spent on them.

What should he have done?

March 7th, 2009 at 12:18 pm

My DH has a childhood friend that we see every three our four years. This friend has lots of issues with (past) addictions. He called my DH last night and said he had been hurt and could DH loan him about $10.00. This is the first time he ever asked for any money. DH went by the place where friend is living and he said that friend seemed pretty wasted but he gave him money anyway $20.00. I think it is going to go for drugs but can't be sure. I know DH will not give him anymore but felt sorry for him last night. Friend is 50 years old and is never going to get it together. Torn between waiting to help but not enable.

You might be surprised

February 28th, 2009 at 03:32 pm

You just never know where and when you will find something where you least expect it. My six year old grandson wanted to visit a museum and there are none in our city so I told him I would take him to a "museum" like place. It was a antique/flea market. Well, he did enjoy himself just seeing lots of old things that I could tell him about their original use. While there, I found a package of adult (Depends) diapers that were $4.00 for 30 of them in the original package. Since I normally pay $20.00 I jumped on this bargain. You just never know..........


What do you think

February 13th, 2009 at 02:40 pm

on February 8th I purchased a container of tomatoes at a Sam's Warehouse Club near my home. When I went to use the tomatoes two days later they were all covered with mold. I did not want to take the rotted tomatoes back to the store with me so I took them out of the container, took color photos of them and also of the container and today went back to Sam's to get a refund or more tomatoes. Was told by the clerk that I needed to bring the rotten/molded tomatoes back to the store with me. I asked to see the manager who also explained that while the picture showed the problem and the picture of the container showed the bar code they still needed to have the tomatoes in the container so they could write the information down in their book as bad produce. I advised I was not in the habit of traveling around with "bad" produce and she did let me have more but was not real happy. Next time, I'll know to return the bad food and I will.

Shopping without spending - a first for me

February 5th, 2009 at 05:52 pm

Today, I returned a couple of items to TJ Maxx and Hobby Lobby. These were home items that I had changed my mind about. Normally when I go to return something, I end up buying something else. Today, thank goodness, I spent time browsing, picked up a couple of things but put them back and did not buy anything. I know I should just stay out of the stores unless I need something but it was still a victory for me just not to purchase while there.

Penneys from Heaven - not actually

February 5th, 2009 at 05:50 pm

Today was one of those days. One of the caregivers for my mom gave me four dollars from some items she had bought at a yard sale almost four months ago. I had forgot it. How nice that she remembered. Finally sold my mother's car for $300.00. It was a 1988 Oldsmobile that got her where she needed to go. Since I am now her caregiver and it is a given that she will not be driving anymore due to her health. I finally decided the tires were going to rot if it sat any longer. My BIL bought it a paid cash. I found four more dollars in a wallet I had forgotten about. I was looking at some very expensive car repairs yesterday when it turned out what was going to cost $500.00 only ended up costing 77 cents and the dealership did not charge for labor. Sounds like bragging but really I am so glad that things are working for us instead of against us.

Unplanned Spending

January 1st, 2009 at 01:45 pm

I thought I would start the New Year out by not spending any money but that was not the case. However, not all spending is bad. Dillards had a hugh sale and I got a pair of high heel shoes for $23.70 the great thing about these shoes as they are great quality, originally cost $100.00 were on a half/half sale hence the cost. Black is the color so they will be great with any thing. Also bought a jacket that I have had my eye on for two months. Beginning cost was $49.00 with my cost after waiting for it to go on sale was $15.00. Fossil wallet for me that started out at $44.00 and my cost today was $11.00. Some Sleep wear originally $36.00 down to $8.00. I love a good sale. All the items I purchased were things I needed but I never and I mean never pay full price anymore. Does anyone? No shoppers remorse or me today.

Return policies not all bad

December 28th, 2008 at 05:33 pm

Today I gathered up all the items from Christmas that did not fit or were unwanted and took them back to Wal-mart. The store was able to put $107.00 on a store gift card which was fine with me as Wal-mart is where we buy our groceries and gasoline so the card will get used. It was funny though to see people in line getting angry about items they wanted to return that either were not purchased from Wal-mart, had been used and I mean used quite a bit or just not returnable in general. I guess people think that after the holiday Wal-mart will take back anything and is not always the case. Anyway glad I had receipts or at least the price sticker still on the item so it was not a hassle for me.

I guit my job to take care of mom

June 6th, 2008 at 07:52 pm

I was a hard decision but one I felt I had to make. My mother had a stroke January 2008. She spent three weeks in a rehab facility and then was moved to a nursing home where her Medicare would pay for 110 days of additional rehab. The nursing facility was less than one mile from my office so I was able to visit her everyday at lunch and then again right after work. I am an only child so while her sisters and my daughter were able to visit her some most of the visits fell to me. After losing my BIL to suicide less than one year ago, medical problems that I was recovering from and a co-worker that was out with medical leave I was feeling major stress. When my mother was set to be released It had come time for me to decide her future. She is only 79 years old and while she had recovered somewhat, I was told that she would not be able to live on her own again. I had been at my job for close to 20 years, had a good retirement plan along with a 401 k plan. It took both mine and my husbands salary to live on. What to do, what to do? Since my mother did not have any long term care insurance in order for her to continue to stay in the nursing home she would have to lose all of her money and then apply for Medicade and possibly lose her home which would be her only remaining asset. After discussing all of this with my husband and my mother it was decided that I would quit my job, move mom into our home and I would become her caregiver 24/7. My mothers Social Security income plus a little retirement that she received would replace my take home pay. I thank God everynight that I was able to make this decision. It is when you have to make a decision like this that you realize that nothing at all is important than your loved ones. It has been a tough week and I am so tired but I love my mom so much. My husband is the best for supporting me in this decision. We may end up losing some of our things if we have to cut backbut it will be worth it.

Celery and ranch dressing

January 30th, 2008 at 06:45 pm

What a strange title for a savings blog. This is more of a what is really important entry. My darling mom is trying to recover from a stroke which will be one week tomorrow. She had moved from her home of 54 years to an apartment the end of November in order to be closer to my 100 year old grandmother and so I could check in on her more. She was doing great and very content in her new place when the stroke occurred. While in the hospital and eating only pureed foods, I was sitting by her bed and was eating my lunch of carrots, celery and ranch dressing when she looked me in the eye and said "I want some celery and ranch dressing". The way she said it, made me realize that to her at that moment that was all that was important in her life. Wouldn't that be nice if we could be content with simple vegetables. Would I give up my large home, big screen TV and other expensive treats for a more simple life? That is what my Dh and I are working on now. Will have to wait for home sales to change to put our home on the market but our future is going to be a simple one. I guess I could call it the celery plan.

God Bless my dear momma.


Tracking my spending

January 3rd, 2008 at 04:24 pm

My plan this year is to track every dime that I spend. In the past, I always felt that I had a good understanding of where our money was going. Eating out was Killng us financially and health wise. I did eat out today with a very good friend that I was unable to dine with during the holidays. Even though I ate out, I feel I still made progress. I ordered from the lunch menu - soup and salad, I had water instead of a soft drink and still stayed within my eating guidelines for my health changes. I know how important it is for me to leave a tip and I always do tip but it sure makes me want to eat at home - perhaps serving myself, I should tip me and put that money asideSmile Besides the eating out, I also found a pair of hard soled slippers for my 100 yearold grandmother. I ordered them online from Cabela's and the tota cost was $19.83. I have been looking for a deal on them for a few weeks. I am going to have a no spend day tomorrow for sure.

Making a list and checking it twice

December 25th, 2007 at 06:18 pm

I know the title may be a bit misleading but the list I am making and checking twice is not a Christmas but my list of things to change for the New Year. In the past I have talked about changes I was going to make but I never really made a plan for the changes I wanted to make. Now, I know you can make changes at any time so why wait for the new year? I guess it just seems easier to plan a certain date and work from there. Doing better with my finances is certainly up near the top but in listing my plans I am finding that I must concentrate on some other things in my life before my finances can really fall into place. 1) My doc just told me if I don't lose 20 lbs in the next six months I am going to have to take meds for high cholesterol. Now the way I can tie this into my financial goal is that I must quit going out to eat at lunch time. Fast food is going to be out of the question. Another benefit is that I will be saving gas by not doing extra driving since I will be staying inside at my office during lunch. My finances would be effected if I have to start paying for a prescription for meds. 2) Make more meals at home - hum - ties into the number one goal. We do spend alot of money on going out to eat. No more bad food at high costs. 3) Exercise another financial positive - I will not be spending money on new clothes as our office recently went to a more casual dress and I now can wear jeans to work - just get the weight off and I have plenty to wear. As I look at all of the goals I wrote down - did not put them all here I can see how each one will relate in some way to becoming more secure with my finances. I wish everyone the best for the remainging 2007 and an even better 2008.

Suicide because of debt

August 11th, 2007 at 02:47 pm

A call from sil two days ago and brother is dead. He shot himself in the garage of his home. He left behind a loving wife, 10 year old step daughter that was crazy about him, two 20 something daughters and three precious granddaughters. You may wonder how this belongs on a financial website.

He had recently lost his job and like many of us on this board was in debt for things and could not see a way out. Even with the support of his wife it was going to take selling many of the things that were important to a certain lifestyle. We are only talking about the middle class keeping up with the Joneses' but nevertheless it was due to feeling that he had to maintain a certain lifestyle or his brothers and mom might consider him a failure. While this is not how we would have felt at all that was his feeling. He will be missed by everyone who life he touched. He was not a old man by any means but going to be 50 on his next birthday.

How this as opened my eyes. After we return from the memorial we will be selling everything that we can - items of extravance, diamond rings, big screen tv's, home three times the size of what we need for two people. I cannot let his death be without any meaning and neither can my dh. Perhaps not the best reason to downsize but finally the slap in the face we need to make some serious changes.

Any one who reads this that may be having the same feelings of hopelessness that he did, please talk it over with some one. Your loved ones will not be
better off without you.

Make some serious changes now. Don't live to impress anyone.

Please say a prayer for our family as we try to heal.

How necessary is some spending

July 29th, 2007 at 01:28 pm

Just returned from the grocery store. DH wanted to go with me so even with a list I still spend more when he is with me. Today we bought a Batman movie that he was going to pay for with some birthday money he was given. At the check out he put it with all the other items....What's up with that. Although, I must say that he did not have cash but only a check for his birthday so hoping he will give it to me to put in the bank tomorrow with another deposit i have. Had to get another beetle trap. They are not super expensive and a must for keeping the insects off of some of our plantings. The rest was for actual groceries so I really can't complain too much. I am going to have to break down and put some things on e-bay to build up a money reserve for the next few months as their will be alot of birthdays, property taxes and insurance needs coming up.

What do you do for yourself

July 29th, 2007 at 06:50 am

It seems like I have no problem making clothing purchases or things for the home but recently and good friend and neighbor convinced me that I needed to do something just for me. My choice has been to have my hair done every six weeks this cost around $80.00 each time but does make me feel good. I also have started getting my nails done every two weeks with a pedicure every three weeks. I know there will be some imput as to what a foolish expense this is and I really can't agree with you more. I have found that this makes me feel better about myself so as long as I can work it into the budget I am going to continue. What do you do for yourself?

Shopping for home items

July 8th, 2007 at 08:18 am

Finally, did not shopping that did not make me feel quilty. When I buy things to brighten up our home it actually makes me feel good. Bought two buffet lamps for our sofa table. Got them both for $50.00 at Trees and Trends. This was a good price considering the prices at other places. That left me with two small lamps that I able to place other places in the house. One was much needed in my office. I have been trying to get it more organized and it needed some extra lighting. Also found that I would use a wooden plate that I found for $10.00 to make a side table out of. It sits upon a large candle holder that I was not using anymmore. I was also able to use of golf fabrice that I had purhased about four years ago to make a backing to display some of hubby's golf markers that he had gotten as gifts. They are now is a nice display case. Don't plan on spending much on groceries this week as we have a freezer full.

Vacation - YUCK

May 30th, 2007 at 06:41 pm

Well here is my dilemma. My mother-in-law has family coming from Japan for a three-month visit. While they are here they want to really see the U.S. The first part of the plan is to go to visit San Antonio where my brother-in-law and his wife live and then on to Houston to see a niece and her husband and kids. This will be a 12-hour car trip from were we live with three elderly people speaking Japanese (which DH and I do not speak). This is going to be a very long journey. I really canít get in the right frame of mind for this trip. We will be driving my MILís car and she will be paying for the gasoline, buying lunches, have a free place to stay at brother-in-law house so really not a whole lot of out of pocket expenses.

Why am I having problems with this? I guess it is just the fact that we are trying so hard to really watch our money and I know that we will end up spending money even though it should not be much.

DH and I do need a vacation but Iím not sure this is it.

Wish us luck.

Wonderful Long Weekend

May 27th, 2007 at 12:38 pm

Saturday night we had the neighbors over for dinner. It was a great meal and wonderful conversation. Today the men are playing golf all day and I taking it easy here at home. I got several books from the library so have reading materials I can relax with. Got my grocery shopping done so don't have to leave the house and spend any money today. Tomorrow may spend some time with with girl friend window shopping. No buying as their is nothing that either of us need. We like to get ideas on home decor and I also make jewelry so I look for jewelry design ideas. I do need to look over medical bills from my gallbladder surgery as need to see exactly what I owe after all insurance payment have been made. It will possible be around $1,500 but that is not too bad for my part after seeing what the total would have been without insurance.

Facing the check book

May 27th, 2007 at 12:30 pm

We have spent a small fortune on eating out. Worse than the damage to our pocket book is the cost to our health and well being. I finally took the time to do a menu for the next two weeks and did my grocery shopping only with those items. When I did this I really do stick with it. One of the things on my list was a Mountain Dew drink that was needed for a dessert. I only needed six ounces and a single Mountain Dew at the store was going to cost me $1.49. My neighbor is a large drinker of Mountain Dew and buys it in the cans. She gave me one to use since we are always calling each other we find we are short an ingredient. Money saved $1.49 on this one product. I also went back to the local Hostess/Wonder bread store for items that are cheaper than the regular grocery store. This did not involve any extra gasoline as It was near other places where I had errand to run. I also went to Aldi's to purchase some items so saved there also. Stayed in my $130.00 budget for groceries. This is for two people.

When is spending ok?

February 11th, 2007 at 06:50 pm

Yesterday was spent with my DD at the local mall. Yes, I did spend money and yes I did manage not to feel quilty about it. I bought several new work outfits for my job. I had been wearing clothes that no longer fit me well and it was really making me feel not to good about myself. I did research on the internet about building a wardrobe the smart way so when I shopped I looked for quality items but did not pay hugh prices. I now have what I need for a more professional image. I now have a hugh box of items from my closet purge and while I have made some money on E-bay I am thinking more about hosting a clothing swap at my home some others in my circle of friends and family may benefit. I am using some of the funds from work OT and a yearly work bonus.

Dh Gets it - sort of

October 15th, 2006 at 01:05 pm

Yesterday was spent with the little darlings (grandsons). So DH did not play any golf and it was such a lovely day. He planned on playing today but guess what - it's has been raining all day. Our friend invited us to him home this afternoon so the ladies could visit and the guys could all play pool upstairs. We went to the grocery store and of course DH wanted to get a little somthing to take to the neighbor's home to snack on. He was going to buy two bags of chips (2 for $5.00) but when I pointed out that everyone would be bringing something to share and we did not need an extra bag of chips at home he agreed and got only the one bag. I am so proud of him that he is trying. H

Can't believe I did that

October 11th, 2006 at 04:30 pm

I had a less than par meal at a fast food restaurant a few weeks ago and so I e-mailed the corporate office. I then heard back from the local restaurant manager who said he was going to mail me a $10.00 certificate for a free meal. He sounded so sincere that when I did not get it in the mail, I worked up the courage to stop by the restaurant and asked to speak with him. I get upset when anyone makes a promise and does not keep it. He was very nice and told it has been mailed out the same day that we spoke on the phone. When I told him that I had not gotten it, he actually right then and there gave me a gift card for the meal. Lesson learned: you never know until you ask.

Using excel for envelope system

October 8th, 2006 at 08:37 am

I am loving this system. I was spending so much money on going out to eat and snacking. We were trying to save but could have done better. I set up the envelope saving system on excel and have been tracking everything and also set up out budget on it. Husband has gotton on board by staying within the spending limit. Instead of gassing up our vehicles to full we are both only spending $30.00 each time we are on empty. Better way o keep expenses in line. We have also alloted money for each catagory which I had tried to do before but had really not kept track. My DH just goes along with whatever I want to do so that is great help. I started eating breakfast at holme a homemade muffin and glass of milk instead of buying my usual breakfast at Hardee's and a large coke. It feels good to know I am no longer wasting money. We also have a category for for gifts and entertainment, liquor, you name it, any money that we are spending now goes in a category. Now I can really track our non-food items which were a killer. Wish us luck.

Fisher Price Camera

October 2nd, 2006 at 04:36 pm

Ok, I know we need to be saving money but I bought this product for my grandson who just had his 4th birthday. I got it at Target on sale for $59.00 and it is the best gift ever. It is very sturdy, easy for him to use and he has been taking pictures of everything. I have never seen a child so excited. It is a digital camera that will hold 60+ photos and they can be uploaded to your computer also. If this is the only gift you can afford to give your child or grandchild for birthdays or Christmas it is well worth it. All my coworkers and friends who have seen this camera are in the process of buying it. Guaranteed to be one of the "hot" gift items.

October new beginning

October 2nd, 2006 at 04:31 pm

I am actually excited to be working on budget this month. My son and daughter-in-law have been working on their debt by using the envelope system. While I have a lot of automatic payments I am using a envelope based system with my Excel program. I did not fill up the car with gas but only put in $30.00 which is what I had alloted for gas using this system. Normally, I would just fill the tank and not even think about the cost. It nice to see where our paychecks will be going instead of the ramdom spending we normally do.

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