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What do you think

February 13th, 2009 at 02:40 pm

on February 8th I purchased a container of tomatoes at a Sam's Warehouse Club near my home. When I went to use the tomatoes two days later they were all covered with mold. I did not want to take the rotted tomatoes back to the store with me so I took them out of the container, took color photos of them and also of the container and today went back to Sam's to get a refund or more tomatoes. Was told by the clerk that I needed to bring the rotten/molded tomatoes back to the store with me. I asked to see the manager who also explained that while the picture showed the problem and the picture of the container showed the bar code they still needed to have the tomatoes in the container so they could write the information down in their book as bad produce. I advised I was not in the habit of traveling around with "bad" produce and she did let me have more but was not real happy. Next time, I'll know to return the bad food and I will.

4 Responses to “What do you think”

  1. SageDreams Says:

    I can understand their position. It's the same as taking back any other merchandise that is faulty.

  2. whitestripe Says:

    i just took some mouldy cheese back to the supermarket for my mum.

  3. littlemama Says:

    You can also call the 800 number on the can and they will send you a coupon for a free can.

  4. dawn Says:

    I think it's ridiculous that they would still require you to bring back the rotten tomatoes after you took pix and all. what a pain in the bazooka.

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