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Keeping my fingers crossed - or shoud I

April 17th, 2009 at 03:13 pm

I have had my mom's home listed for sale by owner for about three months. Currently, my BIL is living there and paying rent. He really wants to purchase the home along with his girlfiend but there credit is not that good. He has asked my MIL to go to the bank to cosign with him. I'm not so sure that is a great idea. MIL is 84 years old owns her homes gets a pretty good pension and has money in the bank. The house and the lot are only 60K and I guess if he gets mortgage insurance it will be ok. I just hate to see her cosign with anyone for anything but again, I would love to see my BIL get the house.

Sell house, sell

March 17th, 2009 at 06:40 pm

My 80 year mom has been living with DH and I for close to a year now. She is not ever going to be able to go back to her home. I have talked it over with her and we are now in the process of trying to sell her house. It is 54 years old and is in need of some cosmetic work on the inside. Only asking $61,900 for a three bedroom house and adjoining lot. Have posted on Craigs list and also put a sign out front and let the Mayor of the city where she lives know that it is for sale. Today got second e-mail from a interested party and also a call from a City Council Member. Hopefully it will sell. With the money I would pay off a home equity loan of $48,000 and take my children and grandchildren to Disney World on a family vacation. I know the Disney trip is not the best thing to do in these financial times but somethings have more value than just the money spent on them.

Shopping for home items

July 8th, 2007 at 03:18 pm

Finally, did not shopping that did not make me feel quilty. When I buy things to brighten up our home it actually makes me feel good. Bought two buffet lamps for our sofa table. Got them both for $50.00 at Trees and Trends. This was a good price considering the prices at other places. That left me with two small lamps that I able to place other places in the house. One was much needed in my office. I have been trying to get it more organized and it needed some extra lighting. Also found that I would use a wooden plate that I found for $10.00 to make a side table out of. It sits upon a large candle holder that I was not using anymmore. I was also able to use of golf fabrice that I had purhased about four years ago to make a backing to display some of hubby's golf markers that he had gotten as gifts. They are now is a nice display case. Don't plan on spending much on groceries this week as we have a freezer full.

Vacation - YUCK

May 31st, 2007 at 01:41 am

Well here is my dilemma. My mother-in-law has family coming from Japan for a three-month visit. While they are here they want to really see the U.S. The first part of the plan is to go to visit San Antonio where my brother-in-law and his wife live and then on to Houston to see a niece and her husband and kids. This will be a 12-hour car trip from were we live with three elderly people speaking Japanese (which DH and I do not speak). This is going to be a very long journey. I really canít get in the right frame of mind for this trip. We will be driving my MILís car and she will be paying for the gasoline, buying lunches, have a free place to stay at brother-in-law house so really not a whole lot of out of pocket expenses.

Why am I having problems with this? I guess it is just the fact that we are trying so hard to really watch our money and I know that we will end up spending money even though it should not be much.

DH and I do need a vacation but Iím not sure this is it.

Wish us luck.

Wonderful Long Weekend

May 27th, 2007 at 07:38 pm

Saturday night we had the neighbors over for dinner. It was a great meal and wonderful conversation. Today the men are playing golf all day and I taking it easy here at home. I got several books from the library so have reading materials I can relax with. Got my grocery shopping done so don't have to leave the house and spend any money today. Tomorrow may spend some time with with girl friend window shopping. No buying as their is nothing that either of us need. We like to get ideas on home decor and I also make jewelry so I look for jewelry design ideas. I do need to look over medical bills from my gallbladder surgery as need to see exactly what I owe after all insurance payment have been made. It will possible be around $1,500 but that is not too bad for my part after seeing what the total would have been without insurance.

Should we move and saving money

May 19th, 2006 at 04:18 pm

My DH and I are paying for a lovely home on the golf course. We have lived there for two years and we have a great network of friends from the old neighborhood that also moved there. So what's the problem? This house is eating our lunch. All the bills are so high with this larger home and the travel distance to our work is also longer. We have been having a serious discussion about selling this home (I should say our dream home) and moving to a condo with less yard, better commute and hopefully alot less upkeep money wise. We would like to have some extra money for travel and basically just extra money to do things we can't afford to do now. Also another benefit of the changing housing would be that we would be very close to both of our mother's that we are the ones who they both depend on. Only drawback right now is the real estate market in our area is the pits. Nothing is moving at the golf course because it has been so overbuilt. Not sure what we will decide to do. Just nice to know we have options. Trying to do better with spending. Not touched my money jar which is a very positive things for me. I have surprised myself that I have not "borrowed" from it for something I wanted. Last night we dined out for our Friday night date (on Thursday) since I am doing so things for my mom today and tonight. Spent only $14.00, we shared a meal from the appetizer menu and also were able to get two for one marguaritas. Had a very relaxed time.

Paying for home improvements

May 18th, 2006 at 01:39 am

Sooner or later the bills come due. I had ordered shutters for our home. I made sure that the money I got from my credit union was earmarked to pay for these shutters. Half of the payment has already came due and been paid. The rest of the shutters will be installed tomorrow and the balance is due. Our home mortgage had jumped $200 a month and it has put us a bit behind this month. My only option now is the keep the money for the shutters in the checking account and pay for the shutters with a 9% interest credit card that I have been trying to pay off. I feel like right now it is more important to keep a cushion in our checking acount until the next pay day and then send a check to the credit card company for the amount of the shutters. I love the shutters but should have waited a while before making this impluse purchase. I love my DH but he lets me buy what I want and that sometimes leaves me spending too much money. I have been doing better though as at least now I am putting some money away in a cute little box at home and not taking it out for anything. I am still taking my lunch to work so I think I will actually see more of a money saving once I get over this addtional money for the mortgage. I am at least keeping a spending book and know where the money is going. Baby steps for me.