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Wonderful Long Weekend

May 27th, 2007 at 12:38 pm

Saturday night we had the neighbors over for dinner. It was a great meal and wonderful conversation. Today the men are playing golf all day and I taking it easy here at home. I got several books from the library so have reading materials I can relax with. Got my grocery shopping done so don't have to leave the house and spend any money today. Tomorrow may spend some time with with girl friend window shopping. No buying as their is nothing that either of us need. We like to get ideas on home decor and I also make jewelry so I look for jewelry design ideas. I do need to look over medical bills from my gallbladder surgery as need to see exactly what I owe after all insurance payment have been made. It will possible be around $1,500 but that is not too bad for my part after seeing what the total would have been without insurance.

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