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Shopping for home items

July 8th, 2007 at 08:18 am

Finally, did not shopping that did not make me feel quilty. When I buy things to brighten up our home it actually makes me feel good. Bought two buffet lamps for our sofa table. Got them both for $50.00 at Trees and Trends. This was a good price considering the prices at other places. That left me with two small lamps that I able to place other places in the house. One was much needed in my office. I have been trying to get it more organized and it needed some extra lighting. Also found that I would use a wooden plate that I found for $10.00 to make a side table out of. It sits upon a large candle holder that I was not using anymmore. I was also able to use of golf fabrice that I had purhased about four years ago to make a backing to display some of hubby's golf markers that he had gotten as gifts. They are now is a nice display case. Don't plan on spending much on groceries this week as we have a freezer full.

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  1. Staff_Blue Says:

    Sounds like a nice home.

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