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Unplanned Spending

January 1st, 2009 at 01:45 pm

I thought I would start the New Year out by not spending any money but that was not the case. However, not all spending is bad. Dillards had a hugh sale and I got a pair of high heel shoes for $23.70 the great thing about these shoes as they are great quality, originally cost $100.00 were on a half/half sale hence the cost. Black is the color so they will be great with any thing. Also bought a jacket that I have had my eye on for two months. Beginning cost was $49.00 with my cost after waiting for it to go on sale was $15.00. Fossil wallet for me that started out at $44.00 and my cost today was $11.00. Some Sleep wear originally $36.00 down to $8.00. I love a good sale. All the items I purchased were things I needed but I never and I mean never pay full price anymore. Does anyone? No shoppers remorse or me today.

3 Responses to “Unplanned Spending”

  1. Amber Says:

    Shopping stick to me like the plague and I always find great deals (never paying full price) but what I have found $8 here $4 there $6 here all add up and before I know I have either cleaned out my savings or racked up my CC bill. I love to shop but I promised myself this year to live off less than I make and no new clothes until I really really really need it. What I have found is that if I wear something I have not worn in a while it feels like new, so I plan on sticking to this technique until I get this cc down and savings back up

  2. HouseHopeful Says:

    I have some of the same issues that Amber described. It all adds up. So this year my goal is to buy only clothing that I plan to buy and only on sale Smile

  3. Koppur Says:

    I love clothes, but within the next year or two I will need to redo my entire wardrobe (I am having WLS and will be going from a size 28 to, hopefully, at least an 18). So I am planning on not buying any new clothes this year, unless absolutely necessary (i.e. I have one pair of jeans left and they just ripped).

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